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I can only speak of Ligia Layton in glowing terms. She is smart, professional businesswoman who exudes confidence, competence, charm and enthusiasm. She is always positive, reliable, quick and efficiente. Best of all, she is caring person and a great listener, who is keen on problem-solving and organizing. I could not have found a better person to help me organize my over-stuffed closets.
Organizing is an overwhelming task for me. Ligia asked just the right questions to help me get the project to a manageable point in my head and from there, worked out a plan of action that was surprinsingly pain-free! She had lots of fresh ideas and was always respectful of my budget. Instead of feeling taxed and frustrated, I actually got excited about cleaning my closets and ended up very pleased and proud of the results.
Since we completed the projects, my closets have remained organized and when something hits the floor or a small pile starts to grow, I can nip it in the bub because now there is a place for everything.
I should also add that I have known Ligia for several years and she is a woman of high character. Trustworthy and honest, she is an amazing lady and I highly recommend her for any organizing project you have. You won't go wrong and you might not want her to leave!
Michelle M. Tampa
Ligia has helped me organized a number of things in my home with ease, fun and quickly. Because of buying a new business this year, various projects had not been addressed. With Ligia's help, in just six hours an enormous amount of files were gone through and eliminated or found a new home in a closet that she quickly and efficiently organized. Finally, we easily were able to find a home for all the paperwork on my desk. I highly recommend Ligia for all your organizational needs. I can be contacted if you need a reference.
Karen M. South Tampa


As a provider of professional services. I have personally and professionally known Ligia for more than 5 years and feel confident recommending her without reservation to any business or home owner.
Steven B. Tampa